Trick or Treat? Experience "The Dark"


Will it be a trick or a treat?

With the experience of "The Dark" at Milburn's Haunted Manor, it will be both. 

It's a treat to get scared.

It's a trick to not know how or when, or where inside "The Dark". 

Enter the dark if you dare. As the name implies be prepared to wander in areas of complete darkness where only ghouls and zombies can see and hide.…

Nothing can prepare you for the experience of The Dark at Milburn's Haunted Manor… One of Oregon’s premiere Haunted House attractions.

The Dark offers a total immersion experience.  If you are afraid of the dark or are at all claustrophobic, The Dark will have you screaming for more.

The Dark is one of two attractions that we offer at Milburn’s. The Dark is very different form the Haunted Manor.  Where the Manor follows rules of logic in laying out a haunted house…The Dark is not constrained to those ideals.  In a classic style haunted house like the Haunted Manor, there needs to be a visual continuity consistent with an old house…a bedroom, bathroom, living room etc.  And of course the inhabitants of such a place need to be relative to the surroundings.  

Well, in The Dark we have the luxury of ignoring any such rules.  As this haunt is encased in complete darkness… we can attack with any manor of monster from any themed room.  Zombies, clowns, vampires or dinosaurs…you’ll never guess what is next.  From one chamber to the next you will never know what will jump out of The Dark to get you. 
“Visually intense!” “Startling effects!” “There is no place to hide!” 

Are you afraid of the dark…Don’t worry, we will make sure you are not… alone.
Opening the weekend of October 8th. Start the season early, and avoid the long lines and crowds. More info >